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Understanding the Left at Election Time

Leftist, Argument
We just need to understand the mind of the left

With election day coming and political passions rising, it's important for conservatives to try to understand the arguments of the opposition so that we don't start to believe that democrats are the mentally stunted, vicious hearted know-nothings, who have sold what ragged threads were left of their putrid souls for the slightest taste of power regardless of what destruction they wreak. Not only on our freedoms, norms and traditions but on the simple decency that keeps us from wrapping our hands around their tattooed throats and throttling them until their moronic eyes and their ugly masked faces bulge like the red hot pockets of righteous anger in our hearts inspired by even the sight of their studded eyebrows and spiked noses. Now that would be entirely unfair since some democrats don't even have tattoos.

So, let us pause for a moment and take a closer look at what they are trying to tell us in their childlike idiotic fashion. Leftists believe that Donald Trump is an existential threat to the constitution that they are trying to destroy. This creates a danger to the democracy that they do not believe in and threatens to undermine the very foundation of the country they detest. They feel that trump must be voted out of office before this racist, sexist, greedy, and violent nation is damaged beyond repair. Leftists believe the deplorable, fascist, hate-filled dirt bags who turned up in their tens of millions to vote for trump must be crushed so that we can give power to the people as represented by the unelected bureaucrats of the deep state. Leftists believe that the rich are destroying this country with their wealth and that socialism will make everything fair and that is why we get so much support from people like Jeff Bezos, George Soros, and Jack Dorsey.

All in all, leftists believe in tolerance and anyone who does not agree with them must not be tolerated. If you disagree, you will be hit with a stick. I hope this summary has helped you better understand what leftists believe so that you can take a reasonable fact-based approach to the seething hatred they so richly deserve. Their support of burning, looting, statue-toppling and terrorizing truly summarizes their platform.

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