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Kayleigh McEnany Press Conference with Journalists and Other Democrats

Kayleigh McEcany, Jim Acosta, Press Conference
Kayleigh McEcany prompts Jim Acosta to place foot in mouth

At a recent press conference with journalists and other Democrats, Kayleigh McEnany was asked "What time is it?" at which time she replied "I'm glad you asked that question!" and pulled out a Samurai sword. In a series of moves too swift for the human eye to record, she dismembered the entire White House Press Corps, leaving them as bleeding torsos, writhing and shrieking wordlessly on the floor, which actually raised the intelligence level of their questions. She then lifted a flamethrower and reduced what was left of them to a pile of ashes, blowing them out the window to the rose garden where they acted as mulch, thus performing a useful function for the first time in their lives.

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