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Questioning When the Election Will Be Officially Called

Election 2020
We wonder when we will know

Many people are asking where the presidential race stands at this hour and the answer is “Shut up, mind your own business” and “Who the hell do you think you are butting into the deep and important workings of government? Do you have any idea how complicated this is? Do you think it can be done by any Tom, Dick, or Harry? Don’t even get me started on how Ed or Molly are going to figure it out. When we said this was government of the people, we didn’t mean just any people we meant the right people. Experts. People who went to good schools and wear nice suits or Dockers with no socks. Just because you got out of bed this morning, looked down and saw your feet standing in the greatest constitutional republic on the face of the Earth, it doesn’t mean you can go swaggering around behaving as if you are in the greatest constitutional republic on the face of the Earth. It’s more of a brand name or an image. You can be rest assured that the cardboard partitions that we covered the windows of government buildings so that no one can see inside are allowing us to count the votes in the best possible way to get to the best possible outcome. The secretaries of states are some of the finest immigrants from places like Venezuela and Myanmar like Juan Elcorrupto in Arizona and Phil I. Chitchu in Pennsylvania. You can be assured that these people will not stop counting the ballots that they left in the trunks of their cars until Joe Biden is President or lunchtime, which ever gives the best value for the dollar. You went out, you waited in line and voted. Now let us do what we need to do to fix things up again”.

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