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The Mostly Peaceful Riots Continue

Protest, Riot, Portland, Protester, Rioter
Protests take a break from peaceful rioting

The mostly peaceful violence in Portland continues as Joe Biden voters and other democrats continue to mostly not riot leaving the city mostly not in flames. The protesters, who are mostly idealistic young people, except for those few hours when they are destructive thugs, mostly did not assault unarmed elderly people, leaving most of the local elderly not terrorized or covered in paint. Most of the time the mobs of mostly not rampaging masked marauders were mostly not shining lasers into the eyes of policemen in an attempt to blind them and they could very often be seen not setting local stores on fire, as when they were trying to destroy government buildings which they were mostly not doing either.

Around the country, journalists were mostly not reporting on what the mostly peaceful rioters were mostly not doing and in fact the journalists themselves spend only about one third of their day at work and so are mostly not spreading disinformation like hideous bottom-feeding swamp creatures who have somehow evolved the capacity to lie with completely straight faces. Unless of course, they also lie to their friends and families in which case they’re mostly not mostly not hideous bottom-feeding swamp creatures but mostly are, which would mostly not surprise me. For example, the New York Times, a former newspaper, mostly didn’t report the mostly peaceful havoc being mostly not wreaked by the mostly democrat thugs and other Joe Biden voters in Seattle but then suddenly did report the mostly peaceful destruction that left most of the city not in shambles so that many New York Times readers said “Whoa! I’ve been mostly lied to and am now mostly ignorant about what is mostly going on because I have mostly been reading the New York Times, and now I mostly feel like a shmuck!”

The mostly peaceful riots were mostly not spread into residential areas so that the residents were mostly not terrorized in their homes so that’s mostly great unless the person terrorized happens to be you.

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