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Biden to form a Coronavirus task force

Coronavirus task force Joe Biden
Biden to form task force to do what Trump is already doing

President not quite elect Joe Biden has announced that his first order of business is to form a Coronavirus task force to pretend to be doing something while the Trump administration distributes the vaccine that was developed during their time doing something about the Coronavirus. Sleepy Joe is assembling a team of profoundly serious looking people to look profoundly serious as the vaccine developed during the Trump Presidency is handed out, after which the task force will discuss the necessity of wearing the masks we will no longer have to wear because during the Trump presidency, we've now developed a vaccine.

Future former President Biden says it is very important to continue to seem to work on the Chinese virus because otherwise, he might have to come out of the basement and then one of those scary people with microphones might ask him a difficult question, although that's never happened before. Wannabe President Joe said he had to continue to pretend to be profoundly serious about the Chinese virus because otherwise, he would just have to go back to yelling slurred, incomprehensible words in the voice of an angry old man which just makes him look silly when even he can't understand what he's talking about or why he's yelling like that all the time.

The President in the minds of the media said, “The Chinese flu is a major issue and if it's not a major issue then that is a major issue. For one thing, whenever I hear the word China, my eyes light up and I have happy thoughts because I start thinking of that great deal Hunter made with them, and for another thing, well, I forgot the other thing.” Make believe President Biden further said now that the main issue he used to scare voters into voting for a dithering and venal old hack was being pulled out from under him by the vaccine developed during the Trump Presidency, he would have to come up with new ways to scare voters like suddenly shouting “Look out for that spider!” or “Climate change is going to destroy the world!” He says he is sure he will think of something or at least, someone will advise him of what to shout about next.

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