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Equality: Making Different the Same

Equality Act: The Same is Becoming Different
Making the same different yet equal

Democrats and other lost souls are once again looking to pass the equality act, which would make it illegal to treat people differently because of sex or sexual orientation, or that make-believe gender identity nonsense, or just the fact that a six-foot-three guy with a beard is wearing a dress and calling himself Sally. The bill would, for instance, make women's public locker rooms accessible to men who identify as women.

The principle on which the equality act is based is that a man who thinks he is a woman is no different than a woman who thinks she is a woman. This means that the word man should not represent anything different from the word woman. Similarly, the word different should not represent anything different from the word same. This is only different from the word different as it is the same, which in this case means different, or the same in the same way and no longer in the different way. It could be the same as the different way, or indeed different as the same way since the word man or woman does not signify anything different, or the same, from the word woman or man. These will not be different words, or the same words meaning something totally different. The difference is that they will be completely the same.

What would passing the equality act mean in plain language, which would likely be illegal under the equality act? I will now present two scenarios for consideration.

Assume that your co-worker, Bill, is a man which would obviously make him a woman. Now you, being a woman, could be a man yet decide to pinch Bill's backside as he walks by in that dashing pair of slacks, which would be a skirt if Bill were a woman. Being a man, under the equality act, he would no longer be able to knock you into the middle of next week like a man. However, he could slap you in the face like a woman, which because he is a man, would still knock you into the middle of next week.

Now assume that you are a female athlete running a race and you find that your competition is the same six-foot-three bearded guy calling himself Sally but now wearing light-weight compression leggings. You also realize that Sally was just staring at you in the locker room while inviting you to perform lesbian acts on him. Whether you are a lesbian or not, under the equality act, you are going to lose the race and the lesbian sex with the bearded guy is still going to be lousy with or without the compression leggings.

It is important to understand that the equality act will improve all our lives by ruining them because for Democrats, improving your life and ruining it are the same even though they seem different. Realize that ruin and improvement, when applied with equality will not seem different but instead will seem the same. See the difference? I hope this helps.

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